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Read a Roofify article on Crypto to learn more about this expeditiously growing field.

There are many ways to earn crypto however, the saturated market can make finding a strategy to earn high profits consistently, stressful and overwhelming.

At Roofify, we have found a solution. This article gives you 10 easy methods of earning crypto and help you take your first steps into the cryptosphere for absolutely free.

We ensure these methods will allow you to easily create passive income.

1) Coinbase

First on our list, is Coinbase Earn.

What is Coinbase Earn?

Coinbase allows eligible customers to earn crypto wherever you are. just by learning about the different cryptocurrencies via educational content.

So, how does Coinbase Earn work?

This is a great simple and educationally rewarding method system to earn free crypto currencies whilst also keeping up to date with the current crypto market.

In addition to Bitcoin, SXP and so many other. Helium and Livepeer are just a few examples of coins which can be added to your wallet for free.

Just by participating in mini quiz games.

To be eligible for Coinbase Earn, you will need to be able to:

Firstly, verify personal details and address which can be done by entering the selected ID documents.

Secondly, once you have confirmed identification, you will need to be able to use an email address, preferably one which you have consistent access to, and this is where verification codes will be sent to in order to prevent fraud and theft.

Thirdly, you must be able to provide Coinbase with a contact number.

Fourthly, confirm your wallet location by selecting your country.

There is a full list of countries and it can be found on the coinbase help page.

And finally, you can begin earning.


2) SparkEarn

Secondly, we have SparkEarn.

With SparkEarn you can earn free crypto monthly by completing the most simple tasks.

In addition to playing games and retweeting information. By sharing videos or even checking out blog posts, you are helping the project with marketing whilst also earning for free.

Regularly adding bounties and tasks for you to complete, if you are in need of a consistent method to earn crypto for free, check out the SparkEarn site today!

3) Brave Browser

Thirdly, why not opt into Brave on your computer or mobile device for rewards.

Highly recommended by experienced miners for its privacy protection and unmatched speed. This is a free and fantastic method to increase your earnings, which only requires your attention.

As long as you browse with Brave Browser, you could earn crypto consistently.


4) Lolli

Fourthly, Do you want to get paid for shopping?

Clothing and leisure stores such as Nike, Expedia in addition to any more, offer you up to 30% cash back off your total order for shopping.

Not only do you receive money back from Lolli but with over 50 Lolli partners, you can browse many stores and earn Bitcoin.

Why not visit Lolli.com to see how much free bitcoin you can get back off your daily shop.

After all, getting paid to shop and getting profit back does sound like a dream job.

5) Become an Airdrop Hunter

Fifthly, sign up to the many sites which give you automated alerts of new airdrops and giveaways happening in the world of cryptocurrency.

If you want to claim your position in the expanding world of crypto and enjoy exploring new projects. Yet earn money.

Becoming an Airdrop Hunter could be the job for you.

6) Nano

In sixth place, we have Nano.

In addition to the previously mentioned crypto companies , with Nano you can recieve instantaneous payment.

I know, sounds too good to be true right?

Quake III Arena is a multiplayer game, designed by Nano for your benefit.

With a market cap of 743.21 million, join Nano now, create your nano wallet and start earning.

Play against other people to reach the top of the leaderboard and earn big!

* Extra tip *

Rather than accessing the online website, why not use the WeNano app?

The app users have distributed Nano into specific spots around a city.

And all you have to do is be in radius and accept this free Nano.

Together with receiving free Nano, you also receive a free Nano wallet.

7) Crypto Banking

Seventhly, earn more crypto on top of the crypto you already have through using crypto banking.

Crypto should not be cryptic.

Not only are Banks offering their customers a large percentage of their total revenue, just for banking via crypto.

But you can earn up to 17.8% APY or sometimes more weekly.

In addition, Nexo, Celsius, Blockfi and many more are giving users the opportunity to put their crypto assets into accounts and start earning rewards.

You can receive interest rates by simply depositing your money.

Comparatively, these outstanding rates singlehandedly beat your brick and mortar bank, consumers can take the steps to join today.

8) Coin Market Cap

“Learn Crypto, Earn Crypto”

Knowledge on videos provided by coin market cap are tested via game quizzes.

For your chance to earn PERP, XMS, SAND alongside many others.

Just use a Binance account today and begin receiving your earnings!

Earn crypto

9) Free Ethereum

Furthermore, do you have an old computer laying around and want to earn the second highest by market cap for free?

Why not get into crypto mining?

With the choice of simple and user friendly mining systems, all you need to do in order to earn crypto fast is, download the application and install the software. It really is that simple.

10) Staking

And in final place, we have staking.

Use the crypto you have earned via the methods above to get rewards on the crypto you have already purchased.

With many assets to stalk on crypto, what are you waiting for?

Head over to staking rewards.com and asses the projects you are considering staking. Then compare and contrast the projects, until you find the best project for you.


There we have your recommended top 10 ways to earn crypto WITHOUT purchasing any crypto.

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