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How to spot a scam when you purchase online!

scams to avoid

Read a Roofify article on Helium mining to learn how virtual currency is blooming and ways you can get involved safely,

Scam websites are commonly found on the internet.

Therefore, at Roofify, we have come up with ways you can spot a scam online and methods of preventing helium scams.

The world of Crypto is expanding as well as knowledge on helium mining and how lucrative this field can be. Undoubtedly purchasing from the internet comes with risks and the possibility of encountering a scam. With the same techniques that used for decades, con artists have found methods of gaining personal information online to scam potential customers,

Buyer protection is the assurance of security when using payment services and ensures the safety and reliability of an investment.

Buyer protection given through payment services also play a role in the safety and reliability of an investment.

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Now, how to spot a scam!

Fraudsters have become increasingly better at masking themselves, with well designed business pages and realistic websites.

Dramatic? Maybe. 

Seek the original source

The first step to safe having a safe internet shopping experience and spotting a scam is, using publicised information on current status and shortages. Visit Polymetalinternational.com which is a leading metals mining group and a trusted news outlet. to find information on global chip shortages and production time. With the research from these sites, you can monitor real manufacturers stock availability and avoid websites claiming to have a large stock of product ready to ship.

Helium mining profitability & scam stocks

Secondly, join the helium discussion on discord or the many reddit forums.

A pattern you will notice is, when a product is no longer in stock, legitimate manufacturers provide customers the chance to register for email notifications.

A scam site might ask you to “sign up” but 9 times out of 10, they want your money and they want it now. 

Email notifications concerning changes or updates to a product is an integral part of product strategy and development. It is used to convey essential information and nurture user relationships. It is a method of slowing down production and preventing overselling whilst, enabling product teams to directly engage with their customers.

Initially, a scammer will engage with you, but not for a long period of time. 

Signing up for a product or service reinforces trust in services and helps to build long-lasting relationships between a business and its customers. Scams will not show an interest in delivering great user experience and driving conversion, retention, and growth. 

For a scammer it’s always “onto the next”. 

Mining Stock

On the official helium site, access direct links to hotspots you are looking to purchase.

The official site provides information on helium miners as well as stock calculations.

Therefore, if you see a miner is listed as “sold out” or “not in stock” on the official website, but another website claims they have the product…

Run! Scams

Ebay scams, miners & Data transfers

Firstly, prior to completing any purchases, head over to helium.com and read about their approved hotspot manufacturers. 

“ Hotspots can be transferred from one Helium wallet to another. Once they are added to the blockchain, only the owning wallet can transfer it to another. Any transfers are solely between the two entities (“Buyer” and “Seller”), and Helium is not involved.” 

Hotspots listed on eBay and other unapproved sites have previous owners and are scams. Therefore, when prompted to add the HNT miner to a wallet, the Helium app will display; “This hotspot already has an owner”.

Unfortunately, it will become your responsibility to contact sellers in order to reassign the hotspot.

Will this person be easy to chase up or will they shut down the listing and remove the page?

Will they keep communicating with you after they have received money from you ? 

These are important questions to consider when purchasing from the internet. 

Payment methods  

Buyer protection secures consumer funds in the case of scams.

Whether a product fails to arrive or it is not as described, you can claim a refund.

Consumer based commerce allows transactions to be made with cryptocurrency, sent directly from customer to the merchant. This means that once a payment is sent, there is no way to reverse the transaction or reclaim funds making the transaction irreversible.

When shopping online, check manufacturer sites before passing on any sensitive information such as bank details, home address etc. 

Check a website for a trust seal or suspicious URLs.

Scam sites often mimic web designs and usernames, but once a domain name has been purchased it cannot be used. This is a great method to prevent duplicates, look out for the smallest changes, this can be spellings or the use of “.ORG, .NET”.

No more swindling! 

Many people invest their savings into cryptocurrency in aims of creating a secure investment. When you’re deceived it can be devastating and extremely discouraging. We want to help ensure that it does not happen to you! 

Here are some methods you can share with fellow miners, friends or family, to protect you from scammers.

Scam preventative measures 

There are some persuasive scam sites and sellers but with help from Roofify, you can spot the scam webpages.

Firstly, get the code and communicate.

If a site is trying to sell a product to a potential buyer, there will be an eagerness and willing to answer all questions in order to deal with fears or concerns.  Secondly, a scam page will not repeatedly correspond once they notice scepticism on your behalf.

A scammer may attempt to convince you but eventually, they will get bored.

Furthermore. do not rush into making a decision and ask for the hotspot name, communication is the best way to get information on scams.

Second of all, ensure you check the seller’s wallet.

Not literally, please don’t go around grabbing wallets.

But, view the activity history and filter on payments, if payments are going to a wallet ending in 3VY it’s an Emrit which takes 80% of your profit.

With these safety tips we hope you can start shopping online safely and avoid scams.

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