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What is the best helium mining device?

Read a Roofify article on Helium mining to learn how virtual currency is blooming. 

The article includes information, facts, and more about the future of cryptocurrency. As well as, the ways you can get involved in this expeditiously growing field. 

Virtual currency is blooming.

Today, essentially every digital transaction involves the use of one form or another of virtual currency or credit.

Helium mining provides worldwide network coverage for IoT devices, sensors and small electronics that need to connect to the internet.

From network data transfer to witnessing, you can earn money a number of ways via “rewards”, this is a system used to incentivise miners.  

When each of your devices emit signals, they will all notice the other devices in their proximity and significantly increase your final earnings.

A great thing about helium mining is that it does not use a lot of internet or electricity, so you do not have to worry about those extra charges!

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Articles available on our Roofify site will help you begin your mining journey and provide you with all the information you need to start earning big!

Is helium mining profitable and if so, what is the best helium miner to use in 2021?

The best helium mining machine

Bobcat 300, Cal-Chip, Nebra to RAKwireless, the truth is, they are all very similar. 

Sure there are some slight technical differences, but this article will show you how in actuality, these differences are minimal and won’t make or break your mining success. 

To ensure your HNT mining process is profitable, here are 3 key points you should consider as you embark on your decision making process.

Bobcat 300 miner vs rak miner

  1. Which is the most reliable?

Firstly, customer reviews are a reliable source of information as real people give real feelings and opinions on data. 

The internet is your best friend!

Use YouTube.com to watch customer reviews on potential hotspots. Current and up to date customer reviews are a credible source which allow you to see the pros and cons of a product before purchasing.

Google.com and reddit helium forums also allow discussions and reviews.

These are a few reliable are often trustworthy methods which can help you draw a confident conclusion. 

Buyer protection given through payment services also play a role in the safety and reliability of an investment. Buyer protection given through payment services also play a role in the safety and reliability of an investment. Reliable sellers are known as authorized sellers, always refer to documentation for any authorized reseller policies.

TIP: Easy checkout systems often mean you are likely to get miners faster and in a no hassle process. 

  1. Secondly, does one type of device allow you to mine more HNT the other?


Before you decide on a hotspot device, you must be aware that they are all connecting to the same network with the same purpose. 

To mine HNT.

Signal strength or the reach of an antenna, will depend on the location/surroundings of your mine. Therefore, before purchasing a mine have a look at the helium mining map and evaluate the infrastructure.

As all devices allow connections to third party antennas, the antenna your potential mining device comes with should not be the deciding factor on whether or not you purchase a specific helium mining device. 

Which company has the best record for onboarding helium devices?

We highly recommend purchasing miners from companies with large manufacturing capabilities.

As you review a particular miner, analyse the data under “Adds + Asserts left. 

This numerical value indicates “the number of hotspots the maker could afford to onboard given their current data credit balance”. 

The number indicates, if all shortages in production are fulfilled, the organisation has enough stock to make ship out a larger number of orders as they have the ability and merchandise to do so.

This promising value may make you more comfortable buying one specific miner than another. 

Cal chip vs rak v2 miner, what are the differences?

To differentiate between HNT token miners, assess the following values; 

  • The number of Hotspots Added 
  • Locations Asserted 
  • HNT Burned
  • Indoor or outdoor 

Original devices (devices which have been around longer) would have been the first third party manufacturers to be approved to sell a miner. Therefore the value under “Hotspots Added” will be higher as they have more miners connected. 

Helium mining profitability calculator

Here is a useful formula to calculate how much the mines are burning. This will give you secondary data to prove a particular mine does in fact work efficiently. 

Formula: HNT burned/Hotspots Added

Next, compare the amount added with the HNT burned. 

Comparing these values will allow you to measure whether one miner is burning more HNT than another.

These values will prove which is more efficient and more effective.

HNT burned per hotspot deployed will be affected by the location of the miners and these mines are set up.

Some models have an upgraded antenna however, as mentioned earlier antenna types can be adjusted. You can maximise your potential profit by purchasing an older (less expensive model)  and buying an upgraded antenna.  

Click here to explore our range of antennas and cables.

Knowledge on adapters and the grounding procedure is essential here as specific wires will require specific adapters. 

Stay tuned for our future article on wires and adapters…


To conclude, the adaptability of your device is an essential element for your mining process. 

Setting up a profitable location so that you can receive better signal coverage, whether indoor or outdoor, will ultimately decide how successful your mine will be. Overall the hardware in all mining devices are relatively similar and will be connecting to the same network with the same purpose.

Visit FAQ page from the official helium site to join the discussion today!

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