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About Us and Our Products

who we are

Roofify has helped many people to find the best Antennas, we are very confident that our products and services in our store are the best out there. We make our people to trust our services for offering a powerful Antennas. 

What is Helium?

Helium allows devices anywhere in the world to make a wireless connection to the internet using technology called LongFi. Miners can earn great amount of HNT tokens if they transmit and receive with more helium hotspot and can increase your LongFi by installing Helium Antenna.

How to increase your longFi?

You can increase and strengthen your LongFi by installing Helium antennas today! Through renting your internet you are safely transmitting and receiving data and with the correct positioning of the antenna you are allowing the internet bandwidth to gain more users or witnesses.

In exchange for renting your internet bandwidth you can receive HNT coins a form of cryptocurrency increasing your income

how to choose the right antenna?

How to choose the right antenna? To increase your chances of broadening your LongFi width it is vital that you purchase the correct antenna specific to the location of area as we offer antennas from the range of 3dBi to 10dBi each with specific use. 

Cable connectors

Indoor Helium gateway require outdoor antenna to be connected outdoor antenna to be connected to miner via length of antenna cable. Which Roofify provide is then attached to the RP-SMA connector on the miner. The antenna cable is vital for enabling the LoRa antenna to be optimally positioned for maximum view while the miner sits indoors. 

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