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How you can get a Free Helium Miner now!

Read a Roofify article on Helium mining to learn more about this expeditiously growing field.

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There has been a drastic shift in the digital world.

With the introduction of Metaverse; “the next evolution of social technology technology” a crypto enabled payment is sure to skyrocket in popularity.

To begin with, payment network processors like Mastercard have begun the expansion of digital assets by facilitating crypto transactions. For crypto investors worldwide this means that there will be a mainstream adoption of decentralized finance. Therefore, if there is any moment to begin accumulating virtual coin payments whilst cementing your position in the world’s largest LoRaWAN IoT network, it’s now.

Here are the ways you can be a part of the IoT network and earn crypto …FOR FREE!

free helium minor


Firstly, FairSpot.host are giving away helium hotspots absolutely free.

With a high average earnings per month and the ability to move your hotspot to a new location.

All you have to do is deliver 30% of the hotspots total earnings and you keep 70%.

Yes you heard that right.

This organisation is a helium hotspot hosting service which entrusts users with Nebra and RAK wireless helium miners for a percentage of the total earnings. But the deals do not end there. FairSpot have agreed that after 500 days of uptime, they will transfer you full ownership of the HNT miner for no extra cost. This means, you can own a helium hotspot miner for free and within 3-5 days.

In the mean time, FairSpot will remotely manage and troubleshoot the helium hotspot device and progress can be tracked via the app dashboard.

System of verification 

Similarly, the majority of hosting programs use location to determine the profitability of the investment. 

Because of this, rural areas with a lack of HNT miners in adjournment are highly unlikely for approval due to the likelihood of a lack of witnessing.

 As well as dense urban areas.

With a worldwide interest in helium mining, this article has included various offers from hosting services and providers. However, you may find that companies have restricted their services to certain locations.

Therefore, always verify that the organisation will be providing its service to your aspired location. 

Safety and privacy 

FairSpot guarantees consumer safety and privacy. 

Pledging it’s users safe levels of emitted radiation which are lower than the average WIFI router and with minimal energy consumption, ensuring your home/location is safe.

All customer data is 100% private. 

Application forms are available online for the individuals who are considering FairSpot and the site includes a short clip providing a virtual step by step set up process. 

Public reviews on reddit forums include discussions on the brands communication service and reliability, which are all useful information you should consider before joining. 

Help build “ThePeoplesNetwork” with free hotspot hosting. 

Unfortunately, service is currently only for individuals based in the US.

FairSpot has limited service and only entrusts helium hotspots to those who are able guarantee to provide profitable outdoor installation space. This means that, there is a decreased chance of passing the location capability assessment.

Also, hotspots provided by FairSpot may take up to 72 hours to sync with the network and allow you to start earning. 

Mint HNT

Secondly, we have Mint HNT.

This organisation will credit 30% of total earnings to the host plus an additional 20% referral bonus paid monthly in either HNT or USD. 

You decide!

For no cost, the online application provides an assessment which will identify if a location has good earning potential. 

If successful, Mint HNT grants users the op track their earnings.

Not only providing  full training and full life cycle support for troubleshooting issues but also complementary equipment and upgrades with zero hidden fees and currently shipping with an 8/10 public rating.

Therefore, why not get a free helium hotspot miner from Mint HNT?

Without a referral bonus, 80% of total earnings are credited to the organisation. 

Planning to set up your hotspot in a rural or dense urban area? 

Specifically requesting US applicants already restricts the company’s service therefore,Mint HNT may not consider you a lucrative hosting opportunity if your location can not guarantee prosperous mining opportunities. 

Due to limited information on the website, extra research is needed before applying.


Thirdly, offering worldwide service for a zero to low cost, eco friendly helium hotspot miner is Emrit.

Hosting for Emrit gives you the option to earn for yourself or your business with a popular referral program, granting hosts an extra 5% of their references earnings for the first 12 month.

Emrit’s simple 2 minute online application provides applicants with a publicized support email address for any questions and queries alongside, a free installation location analysis to assess earning potential.

This self installation hosting system has proudly partnered with PlanetWatch who are an environmentally sustainable, friendly blockchain which stores air quality from around the world.

In collaboration with PlanetWatch, as a host you will be able to earn Planet tokens from the global air quality monitoring partner.

A perfect environmentally friendly, conscious, green helium company

Beyond a doubt Emrit should be a consideration for energy efficient cryptocurrency mining.

In the year of 2022, this organisation is launching Emrit CoolSpots which allows you to earn additional cryptocurrency by deploying Helium’s 5G network.

For those of you who are tech savvy this may not be an issue. However, to prevent mechanical faults in technical installation, an assisted instal guide would be useful.  

Available worldwide but only approving those with profitable locations, with Emrit you do not begin earning immediately. 

Also, shipping fees are not enclosed on the website and there must be a 72 hour wait process to synchronize data with the blockchain.

Only therefore, after this period will the host start earning.


Fourthly, NobleIOT is giving away free helium mining hotspots in order to grow a peer to peer wireless network.

The site includes guided YouTube clips on what could be your hotspot installation process, reviews and ratings from customers and a guaranteed free shipping, including an instruction leaflet on the installation process right to your doorstep.

Registering via NobleIOT’s simple online application with active team members who are providing rapid response and support information, will give you the chance to earn 20% of  your hotspot earnings and Bi weekly statement emails, disclosing the exact amount of  HNT you have mined throughout the month. 

Interested in hosting with NobleIOT?

Head over to reddit or Facebook where you will find forums and threads discussing the legitimacy of the organisation, in addition to the concerns and trials faced with the brand. 

Accepting only US residents, NobleIot has prohibited access from international customers. 

Reddit forums created around the brand are often discussing the delayed response timing once the helium hotspot miner has shipped and in several instances the delayed shipping of the miner.

These are the main concerns surrounding the hosting company. If you have your own questions and concerns, visit the NobleIOT site where you can find answers and topics via the FAQ page.


Next, the opportunity to host a helium hotspot miner and earn passively worldwide is brought to you by IHub.global.

This organisation along with partners visible on the company site are offering an affiliate program, zero cost joining fee and offering you commission and reporting tools to mine helium with their hotspots.

IHub has created connections with top manufactures who are giving away the top HNT miners, absolutely free.

In partnership with Viva kids low profit charity organisation, IHub.global donated a percentage of its earnings to its charity partner. 

To join and receive 25% of what the hotspot produces plus an extra 20% of affiliate earnings, visit the company site where you can find  informative videos and a simple application form. 

Research leads us to the question, is this company really giving away a free miner? 

Established in 2021, iHub. Global is offering a low fluctuating earning potential in comparison to competitors. 

Forums online have discussed the legitimacy of this organisation however, youtube videos from customers do offer those sceptical some credit.

At first glance, hidden commitment fees are not enclosed. However, in small print there is evidence of an £100 application fee or an £18 a month pay out.

Unfortunately, Discord forums display discussions between owners about this dissatisfaction of iHub. Global’s service.

Clients have been charged an import tax fee as well as, receiving HNT miners 5-6 months after the given delivery time.

Services are international however, consider the possibility of unforeseen costs and prolonged delays.


Another helium hosting organisation giving users the ability to earn is CoastFi.

The clear and concise CoatFi website includes short introductory clips on the organisation and affiliate program process. 

A risk free process 

This organisation, is giving individuals the chance to earn for free and invite your friends and family along for the opportunity to do the same. 

The affiliate program grants unlimited access to the number of people you can invite and ensures zero interaction with hosts’s personal files or home devices. 

Encrypted access points for smart IOT devices solidifies your security. Only authorised IOT devices are able to connect, so  all you have to worry about is what you are going to spend your earnings on.

CoastFi helium miners have low energy consumption therefore, do not impact location internet speed.

Clients can host multiple hotspots if successful and queries are dealt with by online interactive team member.

Coastfi is offering one of the lowest percentages for hosts in comparison to their competitors. Unfortunately, customers only receive $100 when the device is plugged in.

Commitment fees are not enclosed. 


Next up is Hostify!

Do you want a free hosting opportunity from an energy conscious organistaion, with a $100 referral bonus, guaranteed security, low frequency wireless network that reaches 200 times farther than traditional networks and monthly payments of up to $300? 

Then head over to Hostify site.

Built with encrypted hardware that provides you with protection from hackers delivered to you for free, you could have a free helium miner today. 

Partnering with Hostify does not give you ownership of the hnt miner. The hotspot is under the ownership of Hostify and can be removed from locations at any given time. 

US citizens only.


Free crypto miners are available today from Kowop organisation. 

Approved applicants have the opportunity to earn a passive income, alongside a no long term commitment plan with zero starting costs or hidden fees/penalties and guaranteed security to prevent the infiltration of home or business devices.

A fixed $15 a month can be earnt for hosting a Kowop minner on your premises.

From shipping to installation, users are guaranteed 100% of the installation expenses to be covered by the company.

Low energy helium hotspots will be installed professionally within 15 minutes.

And when you no longer want to host, contracts can be cancelled.

As you may have noticed, Kowop is offering a remarkably low rate in comparison to their competitors. 

A well placed hotspot could potentially earn thousands a month, therefore the fixed compensation rate is considerably lower in comparison.

With a customer rating of 1/10.

International clients welcomed.

PayPal only payments.

Flywheel Systems

Finally, the helium hotspot hosting organisation on our list today is Flywheel Systems.

Now, this company has not publicly displayed their compensation rate. 

Their aim is to help build “ThePeoplesNetwork” similar to all the organisations mentioned today and they are offering professional outdoor installation with Mounts and Antennas shipped free of charge.

Flywheel Systems claims to remotely manage and troubleshoot devices once installed and offer you a recurring monthly payment. 

How much? That is not enclosed…

With no commitment fees, a full statement of earnings and pay provided every month, end to end encryption and a free location assessment. 

However, helium miner will only be available for those who can provide profitable spaces and therefore boost earnings.

With this in mind, If this organisation sounds fitting for you, why not apply today?

Research indicates you may incur some expenses during the installation process.

Disclaimer, please do your own extensive research before committing to a plan.

helium crypto

Head over to the websites and get your free HNT Helium miner today.

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